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Andersin terveiset

Hi Walonkulman! My name is Anders and together with Leena I´m a guest of your clubhouse for a couple of days. When I´m not in Hämeelinna I work as staff of a Clubhouse in Stockholm called Fountain House Stockholm. In 2020 my Clubhouse celebrates 40 years as a clubhouse. I´ve worked at my Clubhouse for almost 9 years.

3 years ago I did my training to join the faculty, a group consisting of members and staff from Clubhouses around the world. To be a Clubhouse you need to go through an accreditation process. It consists of your Clubhouse doing a self study and also a team from the faculty come and visit you after reading your self study.

I know that you have been a Clubhouse for almost three years and I know quite a bit about what you do through reading your self study. By working with you for two days I hope to get to know you even better!
That is our mission and purpose with our visit. We will experience your work ordered day and bring a report to you with ideas and opinions in how you can continue to grow as a community.

Thank you so much for having us here! Please stop by my Clubhouse if you´re in Stockholm!