Sopimusvuori Ry kotisivu

Skotlantilaisen sh-opiskelija Kirstenin haastattelu


1. Who are you and where do you come from?
• I am Kirsten Moss . I`m from Inverness Scotland

2. What is your field of study?
• I study mental health nursing.

3. How do you feel being here in the Clubhouse?
• I like being at the clubhouse. Everyone has been friendly and made me feel welcome.

4. How do you feel people have accepted you?
• Everyone has made me feel accepted and even with a language barrier everyone has made an effort to speak to me and get to know me.

5. Do you recommend Walonkulma to other students?
• I would recommend Walonkulma to exchange students as it´s a comfortable place to get to know about Finnish culture and language.

6. What have you learnt here?
• I have learnt about recovery- oriented nursing and the community resources offered to mental health service users in Hämeenlinna

7. When you go home, do you think you will miss Finland sometimes?
• Yes, I will miss the people I have met and the pretty scenery but I won´t miss the cold or prices of things!

8. What are your future plans?
• I will hopefully graduate in September this year then go to work in an acute ward in Inverness. Then maybe more traveling.

9. What else do you want to say?
• Thank you to everyone who welcomed me and I wish Walonkulma all the best in the future.

Thank you Kirsten of the interview.