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Our History and Values

Sopimusvuori ry is a registered non-profit association founded in Tampere, Finland in 1970. Sopimusvuori works to improve the living quality, social status and treatment possibilities of people who have faced challenges in their mental health. Sopimusvuori has been and continues to be a model and a pacemaker on the field of social psychiatric rehabilitation in Finland. It was the first mental health rehabilitation association in Finland which worked according to the principals of a therapeutic community. Today Sopimusvuori is part of a vast and diverse network of national and international social psychiatric associations.

Sopimusvuori works according to the values of respecting human dignity and promoting its fulfillment in every situation. Recovery orientation is central to our work. Human rights, meaningful life and a feeling of being part of something are central to recovery. The aim of this approach is to guide and aid people into attaining and maintaining a life that is meaningful and satisfactory for themselves despite symptoms and limitations in their ability to function.

The dreams, hopes, visions and experiences of our clients, mutual decision-making and a message that each and every one is important as themselves form the basis of our everyday work. Sopimusvuori drives to further positive mental health, self-determination, meaningful and good life despite limitations. We operate communally, through co-operation, joy and respect for human rights.


Close, Warmly, Gladly

Our strategy is based on three forms of service, which are named Lähellä (“close”), Lämmöllä (“warmly”) and Mielihyvin (“glady”). Lähellä rehabilitation services form the heart of our operation, the basis of which are the needs of our service users. We serve our clients without any pre-selection or prejudice. Lämmöllä products and services form the basis of our employment training. The principal aim of our rehabilitative jobs is to enable, strengthen and maintain working skills. Our financial aim is not to make profit but to enable these activities. Our products and services are also ecological and take into account such things as safety guidance, versatility and dynamism. Mielihyvin advocacy and volunteer work is the third cornerstone of our work. Sopimusvuori is politically and religiously independent, but an active social participator on the field of promoting positive mental health and reducing stigmas. Therefore, we invest in multi-channel communication, education, research and publication. Our voluntary workers are valued participants of our association.


Our Units

Sopimusvuori ry produces social rehabilitation and rehabilitation of work ability in five service units in Tampere. These units are: Kanava, Verstas, Sorina, Kaarisilta and Hiedanranta. Kanava and Hiedanranta focus on employment coaching, while Sorina and Kaarisilta are centred around social activity. Verstas is a social unit for young people aged 18 to 30. Sopimusvuori also has two Clubhouses, Näsinkulma in Tampere and Walonkulma in Hämeenlinna, which operate according to the standards of the international Club House model.

Our units offer restorative, rehabilitative on-the-job training and employment planning for the long-term unemployed who have difficulties with managing their daily life or have other limitations, as well as for those whose aim is to find employment or schooling within the next year. Social rehabilitation is for clients of mental health and/or substance abuse care who need reinforcement in their social functioning in order to prevent social exclusion and improve their partaking in society.

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Hiedanranta working unit:

Hiedanranta supports those who have been left unemployed, by reinforcing their participation and promoting their wellbeing and equal status in society. Hiedanranta offers on-the-job training in the fields of cafeteria work, office work and real estate services. Hiedanranta maintains Kartanokahvila Mielihyvin -cafeteria in the beautiful Hiedanranta estate.


Kaarisilta activity unit:

Kaarisilta offers various activities and workshops such as handicrafts, outdoor activities and trips, Finnish teaching for immigrants and a workshop in which you can learn different beauty care skills.


Kanava working unit:

Kanava supports those who have been left unemployed, by reinforcing their participation and promoting their wellbeing and equal status in society. Kanava has four sub-units, which offer on-the-job training in the fields of office work, catering, woodwork and handicrafts.


Sorina activity unit:

Sorina is a low threshold, goal-oriented work and activity centre. The principles or Sorina are the promotion of meaningful participatory activity and support for independent living for its clients. In Sorina’s Hoivis-workshop rehabilitees who are interested in the care take industry can practice and get to know the field by organizing events and collaborating in taking care of the over 65-year-old mental health rehabilitees.


Verstas youth activity unit:

Verstas is aimed for young people aged 18 to 30. Verstas offers social rehabilitation and rehabilitative work in various forms, such as creative workshops for theatre, dance, music, writing and radio, as well as actively participating in making the voices of the youth heard. Verstas also does different projects, international co-operation and most recently launched a new gaming-workshop where young people can learn about the gaming industry and game development.


Näsinkulma & Walonkulma Clubhouses:

Näsinkulma and Walonkulma implement the international Clubhouse model. They are low-threshold membership communities, to whose upholding and improving all members participate in. Clubhouse activities consist of meaningful work tasks, various work and education possibilities as well as spare time activities. Members can visit the Clubhouse on the days of their choosing, according to their own needs and resources. Clubhouse activities are voluntary and members and staff are considered equal. Clubhouse needs active members in order to work.